Our time at the HTA National Plant Show – 2018

Recently we attended the HTA National Plant Show to launch four new varieties of Pinks!

This event takes place in Coventry each June, where suppliers from across Britain showcase all things horticultural. The exhibitors come from many different backgrounds and areas of horticulture, from breeders and growers like ourselves, to labelling and product information and everything in between. This event is a big deal!

The show is great at presenting the dedication of British plant suppliers and their great work, from seed and plug supply to larger specimens of plants. It is also a great way for us to connect with people who have the same passion as we do, see what else is new in the industry, and give us face-to-face interaction with our valued customers.

We enter the Herbaceous Perennial category with our Dianthus Pinks and this year we were very pleased to receive Silver Awards for both our entries, Flutterby and Bridal Star. Flutterby is a new addition to our Alpine Pink collection, with an absolutely gorgeous singular flower head with rich magenta and blackcurrant petals. A great choice to brighten up your Alpine rockery! Our second entry, Bridal Star, is a beautiful crisp, pure, white tone double flower with iridescent ruffled petals, elegant as ever and perfect to add to any bouquet!

Consumers also attend the show to gain inspiration and ideas on how to display instore, flower arrangements and attend seminars and workshops to discuss the latest news on plant health that is occurring in the horticultural world.