Hello again! So far so good for 2013.

The early part of the year has been busy for us on the nursery. We are preparing everything for the coming season – so this means checking that all our equipment is functioning correctly, that the glass is sparkling clean to let in as much light as possible, and cutting hedges before the birds start nesting. With the volume of rain we have had in the last 8 months, we were astonished when an old ivy covered oak tree started to migrate down a slope towards the brook, threatening to pull overhead power lines with it. It has now been felled for safety but the rooks who fancied setting up home there were not too pleased.

We have just come back from a trade show in France where a plant of Memories was entered in the new product competition. We were delighted to receive a Special Mention for it – we managed to get some flowers open by using lights for a month or so.

We are delighted to report that royalties collected in the first 6 months since the launch of Memories have topped more than £8,000 which has been sent to Alzheimer’s Society. Our target of £15,000 looks really achievable and thanks to all for your donations and buying Memories.

Keep a look out for our special offers.

Good gardening!



Whetman Pinks, as a member of the BNCS and in support of their chosen charity, has agreed to donate the receipts of royalties collected from the sales of Memories until December 2013.   We hope to raise in excess of £15,000 and hope to inspire you, our valued friends and customers, to help us achieve this figure. On the order form, you will find there is an opportunity to add a voluntary contribution of your own to Alzheimer’s Society, should you wish.