Welcome to Spring

At long last we have said goodbye to winter days and welcome to Spring!  Everywhere are gorgeous daffodils, magnolias, camellias, primroses and trees ready to burst open their new leaves.  I am very excited  – 15 years ago I planted a Magnolia campbelli mollicomata Lanarth in the garden (what a mouthful!) and it has produced its first ever flowers this year!  20 feet tall, there are 30 waterlily shaped pink flowers near the top of the tree.  Patience has finally been rewarded!

We are very busy now sending out plants to you and thank you for all your compliments.  It is lovely to have such positive feedback.  Our RHS Chelsea Flower Show exhibit is coming along – we just need some sunny warm weather to bring the flowers on!  This year we have a small crop of cut flowers for you (if you aren’t growing your own) and we look forward to inspiring those who are unfamiliar with the fragrance and grace of Pinks.

Keep your questions coming – we’re here to help if we can!

Reminder:  keep a look out for unwelcome aphids which may be feasting off the sweet young buds of your pinks.  Get rid of them in any acceptable way.   Give your pinks a booster this Spring by applying a balanced fertiliser 1:1:1 to encourage growth.  Once the flower stems have started to lengthen and the buds are forming, change the fertiliser to a higher potash feed 1:1:2,  this will strengthen the stems and enhance the colour of your blooms.

Enjoy your gardening!