Introduction to our 4 fantastic new varieties – 2018

It’s about time we introduced you to our 4 new stars of the Pink Society. Say hello to, Bridal Star, Red Carpet, Flutterby and Pink Ruffles!

This is Bridal Star an absolute essential to add to the flower collection in your garden. Bridal Star is a pure white tone, with iridescent ruffled petals, suitable to cut and admire once grown to their stem length of at least 47cm. Bridal Star Pink is highly fragrant when flowering, filling the room with its beautiful clove scent -a great addition to any wedding bouquet.


Up next is Red Carpet another member of our Garden Pinks society, a rich red, semi-doubled flower. The stem length of this pink is around 65cm and it starts to flower with its beautiful red hue around the beginning of June. An extremely hardy Pink, it will see through the worst weather conditions and is perfect to cut once established.

Flutterby is the new addition to the Alpine collection of Pinks. This is a beautiful dainty singular flower with magenta petals and a blackcurrant eye, plus a sweet fragrance that will fill a space. This is a one-of-a-kind unique Alpine Pink that will stand out and catch the eye of many people. The anthers when raised look just like a butterfly -pretty as a picture!

Pink Ruffles or did someone say pink tutu? This gorgeous Garden Pink is a great addition to add to your garden with its stunning rich baby pink double flower with a magenta eye and a strong sweet spice fragrance that really lingers. Named after a competition ran by Waitrose -great suggestion.

We are extremely pleased with these gorgeous new additions to the Whetman Pink selection. Our Pinks are tested and trialled for 8 years to make sure they are as perfect as can be. We aim for our Pinks to all show the main characteristics of our genetics:  being fully hardy, repeat flowering when dead headed, have a good shaped flower head, nice vegetative shape and colour, grow well and smells divine!  We hope you love our new additions as much as we do, and it won’t be long until you can get your hands on them!