Maintenance & Care of your Pinks

If your Pink has been flowering all Summer and is looking a bit tired or scruffy, now is the time to take action and prepare the plant for the Autumn. The first thing to do is to remove all dead flower heads – so literally pick off the flower heads. If there are any stems that are making the plant look messy by coming out at an odd angle or laying flat, or where all flowers are spent, then take these stems right down to the base of the plant. Be bold and remove all stems that no longer have flower buds showing, take them down to the lowest node (joint) on the stem – this will keep the plant tidy for the Autumn and ensure new growth does not start on old stems next year. There is still time to feed this year if you have buds and plants will continue flowering until at least the end of September. Feed them with a good tomato feed, or making sure that you have a high Potassium feed with a ratio of N:P:K showing 1:1:2. A high potassium feed will give you lovely strong stems, good colour and plenty of flowers – whereas a high Nitrogen feed will give you a lot of leaf and not much flower.

If you do this each Autumn and remember when after all flowering has finished -(which could be December!)- remove all the flower stems, you will avoid having a straggly, woody looking plant – and you will enjoy the benefits of a healthy nice shaped plants next year.