Order bespoke highly fragrant flowers for all occasions  - grown for your event

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Seasonal Scented Flowers

Your wedding day is such a very special occasion.  How fabulous to fill the air with fragrance using Pinks in your floral arrangements.   Contacting us by email or phone, our expertise is yours.  We will always do our best to accommodate your plans.   With such a beautiful range of colours at your fingertips, you should be able to tailor your needs accordingly.

Our cut flowers are available from mid April until mid September - see our two classic cut flower bouquets here.

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English Cut Flowers

For many years Whetman Pinks was famous for its cut flower production of gorgeous Pinks.  We stopped growing commercial quantities of flowers in the late 1980s but remained very much in touch with British growers.  They gradually became fewer and fewer as more Dutch importers made their mark around the UK.
Now the numbers cut flower producers have dwindled to a critically low level and we are in danger of losing some of the expertise – certainly where Pinks are concerned.   Pinks used to be called the ‘Poor Man’s Carnation’.   Today’s resurgence of interest in British grown flowers, and especially in fragrant flowers, has prompted us to wind the clock back 25 years and start growing our beloved Pinks for cutting once again.  


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Grown by us for you

We take pride in growing beautiful flowers just for you.  We are sure you will be delighted to receive these fragrant blooms whose perfume will fill a room, their delicate charm will delight a table decoration or bedside table.  They are not cheap, but we believe you will agree that they are worth every penny.  The ‘poor man’s Carnation’ no longer.   Pinks are the flower of today.   We are proud to be part of that story.

Special & Unique

We are passionate about our Pinks.  Each one is special and we take great pride in having bred some of the most well known and popular varieties available today.   Our selection and trialling process takes around 8 years because we want to ensure the variety meets your exacting standards.   Perfect pinks for the perfect garden or patio.

We invite you to discuss your requirements